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Reaction Tackle Pro Grade Braided Fishing Line- 8 Strands- Zero Stretch- Abrasion Resistant- Small Diameter- Saltwater and Freshwater- Smooth Long Cast

  • HIGH SENSITIVITY AND ZERO STRETCH: Enables anglers to detect even the slightest bites or movements, facilitating quicker hooksets and maximizing their chances of landing elusive or finicky fish
  • SMALL DIAMETER ADVANTAGE: Despite its small diameter, the line maintains impressive strength and performance, allowing for longer, smoother casts when targeting wary fish in all waters
  • UNRIVALED KNOT STRENGTH: Our X8 construction ensures exceptional knot strength, providing anglers with reliable connections between their tackle and the line. We suggest Palomar knots
  • LOW MEMORY DESIGN: With minimal memory, the line lays smoothly on reels and guides, reducing tangles and allowing for more efficient and hassle-free casting and retrieval
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: The robust material composition offers excellent resistance to abrasion, making it perfect for navigating through rocky structures and underwater obstacles without worry.

Experience the ultimate angling advantage with our 8-strand braided fishing line. Exceptional strength, low memory, abrasion resistance, and high sensitivity with zero stretch ensure a superior performance. 


Sizes (diameter): 
10 lb (.14mm)
15 lb (.18mm) 
20 lb (.20mm)
25 lb (.25mm) 
30 lb (.28mm) 
40 lb (.32mm) 
50 lb (.36mm) 
65 lb (.42mm) 
80 lb (.48mm) 
100 lb (.55mm) 
120 lb (.60mm) 
150 lb (.70mm) 
200 lb (.80mm) 
300 lb (1.20mm)

Available lengths: 
150 yards 
300 yards 
500 yards 
1000 yards 
1500 yards

Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line

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