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That’s right  together we’ve brought you the T.C.A rattlesnake pre tied rigs!  

available in both 4 packs of the standard 3 section bodies in 6/0 or 8/0, 80# leader or for those who want even more floatation for monster baits we offer 3 packs featuring the 4 section bodies!  All  are offered in neon yellow/ firefly centers, sweet doggy blue/firefly center and purple haze/firefly centers.

                  what makes the rattlesnake rig so effective? 

Better fish attracting sound, smaller size with better floatation to suspend baits. No knots or lacing through eyelets like traditional spook style floats. Modular design allows you to adjust size and flotation to suit your needs. Plus it’s available with firefly U.V glow to attract baitfish and larger fish to your rig. Simply put the rattlesnake float does everything traditional peg floats and spooks do and does it all better!

Rattle Snake Rigs

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